The Black Top Power Tour was conceived on a notion that as interstate speeds are getting faster and faster people are missing out on America’s Rural America. What would be cooler than cruising the country’s back roads and seeing what people don’t see on the interstates? Better yet, how about cruising around the area in some hot rods!

The backbone of the Black Top Power Tour is having a great time and never drive on interstates. 4 lane roads are ok but NO INTERSTATES.

The Black Top Power Tour is usually the last weekend in July and runs 3 or 4 days.

Year 1 – 2014 was the International Peace Gardens North Dakota

Year 2 – 2015 was the lake area in western Minnesota

Year 3 – 2016 was Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota by way of the Pembina Gorge

Year 4 – 2017 was Warroad Minnesota and Lake of the Woods

Year 5 – 2018 was the Black Hills of South Dakota

Year 6 – 2019 is going to be the lake highways of Duluth Minnesota


DAY 1 06/21/2018 Started at S&R Truck Plaza in Jamestown, North Dakota. We left promptly at 9:00am.


DAY 1 06/21/2018 Went south on Highway 281 to Ellendale, North Dakota. We then headed west on US Highway 11


DAY 1 06/21/2018 Through Ashley, North Dakota. We then headed south on US Highway 85 to Selby, South Dakota


DAY 1 06/21/2018 Our journey then took us from Selby, South Dakota to the Grand River Casino just west of Mobridge, South Dakota where we had our lunch break. Also, everybody signed Randy Miller’s 1957 Chevy pickup.


DAY 1 06/21/2018 After lunch we cruised west on Highway 12 to Lemmon, South Dakota where we visited the Petrified Forest and some members decided to get a hair cut at a old style barber shop.


DAY 1 06/21/2018 From Lemmon, South Dakota we went south on Highway 73 then turned west on Highway 20. Drove through a very scenic Custer National Park then fueled up in Buffalo, South Dakota


DAY 1 06/21/2018 From Buffalo, South Dakota we then headed south on highway 85 to Spearfish, South Dakota where we based our weekend and after 439 miles it was time to relax. We arrived in Spearfish at 7:00pm.


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