Story & Photos by Scott W. Block

“I can’t get no, no, no, hey, hey, hey…. that’s what I say, I can’t get no satisfaction, because I try and I try and I try and I try, I can’t get no, I can’t get no…. When I’m driving’ in my car, and the man comes on the radio….” (Rolling Stones, Copyright Abkco Music, Inc.).

In checking out the word “satisfaction”, one website defines it as “fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.” Merriam Webster defines satisfaction as “fulfillment of a need or want,” or the “quality or state of being content.” Other synonyms are gratification, contentment, pleasure, and happiness. In the legal system we have “the discharge of a legal obligation or claim,” “restitution”, and “payment of a debt in full.” In religious terms we find, “atonement”, and “reparation for sin that meets the demands of divine justice”. Furthermore, that word means “the payment through penance of the temporal punishment incurred by a sin.” Now that sounds a like a really, really long and scary sermon! Depending on your outlook, all, none, or some of these may fit your definition. It is probably the one that is most familiar to you. But from the Rolling Stones song, nothing gives them “satisfaction.”

According to Waze2016 survey, there are good places, and great places, to drive. The most satisfying countries to drive in, in proper numerical order is: The Netherlands, France, and rounding out the top three, in third place, is the United States.

From the same survey, the most satisfying top three metro areas to drive are Valence, France, Tours, France, and Lemans, France. The US doesn’t show up until number 5 with Greensboro, NC. After that they are all France again and the US shows up at the number 10 slot with Grand Rapids, MI. Interestingly, many more metro areas are in France.

Last but certainly not least, how about the 10 most satisfying vehicles to drive? According to Consumer Reports these vehicles are: Tesla, Porsche, Corvette, Lincoln Continental, F-350, Mazda, Prius, Another Tesla, Honda Odyssey, and Challenger.

Wahoo! A few street rods made the list with the top-notch Chevrolet Corvette and the awesome Dodge Challenger. Unfortunately, the 1969 Camaro Z28, 1967 GTO, 1970 Hemi Cuda, or a 1932 Ford roadster did not make the list. There is lots of satisfaction driving those!

Is where you live a satisfying place to drive? Are there good roads, so-so roads, or really great roads to press the pedal to the metal? Is there too much traffic or too many doggone street lights? How satisfying is your ride? Do you like driving it or are there things you don’t like about it? Is the steering too loose or too tight? Is the steering wheel “crooked” when you are driving in a straight line? Is the rear-view mirror becoming loose or is there a rock chip in the windshield right directly in the line of sight? Are there a number of little things that irritate you about your cool rod? Do the brakes squeak, speedometer pulses, or perhaps one cylinder seems to misfire and only occasionally? Are these things that create dissatisfaction for you rather than satisfaction? Is it the same with your life? Do you have employment issues, co-worker problems, or salary requirements that aren’t being met thereby creating much dissatisfaction in your current situation? Do you walk around the office and hum under your breath “I can’t get no satisfaction”?

Well, I get it, you are not alone! God gets it too, and much more than you may realize. God seems to be in those irritating things, especially the ones that really, and I mean, really bug the crap out of you. Perhaps God is trying to get your attention. Perhaps not. But either way God cares about you and what is happening in your life. God especially cares about the restlessness and discontentment you may feel. God wants you to replace that with what God can bring to you, that is, peace, joy, and deep contentment. God cares for you, loves you, will never forget you, and wants only the best for you, always and forever.

Blessings to you today. May God grant you satisfaction in a non-satisfying world, peace in a chaotic world, and hope in a hopeless world. God can and does satisfy the restless heart and that’s when deep satisfaction comes. This is most certainly true. Keep cruising’. Keep on keeping on.

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