Since 2017, the James Valley Street Machines along with S&R Truck Plaza and the Pit Stop Lube, have been hosting a “Street Legal” 60 Foot Drag Race.

Rules are simple.

Rules & Disclaimer for the 60 Foot Experience
1 a) 1 This 60 foot experience is NOT open to ATV’S, UTV’s, Motorcycle’s, Go-Karts, Sling-Shots. Must have 4 wheels on the ground and be 100% street legal.
2 Vehicle must have street legal exhaust system. NO OPEN HEADERS.
3 Vehicle must have working Seat belts, Tail lights, Head lights, Brake lights, both directional blinkers.
4 Must have functional seat belts and be worn at all times.
5 Must have tires/drag radials that are DOT approved and qualified for interstate & city travel. 15.7″ of actual tread on ground maximum. NO SLICKS.
6 Driver must have a current and valid Drivers License. Competition vehicle must have current license tabs on the plate and for the competing vehicle.
7 Current valid Insurance card with validating vehicle is fully insured in competitors name.
8 Only 1 person in the competing vehicle during their run. NO passengers. Seat belts MUST be worn.
9 Must sign a “Hold Harmless” waiver at time of registration with real and correct name as it appears on your valid drivers license.
b) 1 Pre-Staging is cause for disqualification. You are allowed to stage when the starters arm goes up to when the light is turned on, otherwise, if you pre-stage (burnouts) you will be disqualified and forfeit your entry money.
2 Competitors will come to the starting line with cold tires and the competition will be started “Street Outlaws” style with a flash light. You must  shut down at the finish line. Competitors will be disqualified if unnecessary driving and speed is done beyond the finish line.
3 The competitor, and/or the competitor’s insurance company,  will be responsible for any actions or mis action by the competitors vehicle, associates, and team members of competitors crew.
4 Safety adhesive will be applied to the 60 feet raceway with the Safety adhesive also to be applied 25 feet before the starting line.
5 James Valley Street Machines, S&R Truck Plaza & The Pit Stop and any person or business associated forthwith will be held harmless of any accidents, or mishandlings of competitor and competitor’s vehicle forthwith.
5 The decision of the Event Officials final.
2 a) 1 There will be a $20.00 entry fee. The $20.00 will be NON-Refundable. 100% Payback of all proceeds Collected via 1st Place (50%), 2nd Place (30%), 3rd Place (20%) in each class.
2 Registration & Tech is from 4:00 to 7:00. NO REGISTRATIONS AFTER 7:00. If you and your vehicle are not registered and in line by 7:00 you cannot compete. Competition starts at 7:00.

You roll up to the starting line with your tires cold and let’r rip. The race track has traction adhesive applied so traction is not an issue.

There are two divisions that race. The Outlaw division is all 4-wheel drive and All Wheel Drive vehicles. The Hot Rod division is Rear wheel or Front wheel. When the winner of each are finished with their divisions, then the winner’s race for bragging rights AND cash.

The Whoop Ass Wednesday is run on Wednesday night twice a year.

Whoop Ass Wednesday 2.2 08/15/2018

Whoop Ass Wednesday 2.2 Final Results

Overall Winner


Justin Stroh (2014 Mitsubishi EVO)



1st Place $250.00: Justin Stroh (2014 Mitsubishi EVO)

2nd Place $150.00: Tristian Gilbertson (2014 Subaru WRX)

3rd Place $100.00: Mike Hansen (2017 GMC 1500)



1st Place $250.00 Austin Geigle (1977 Datsun 280Z)

2nd Place $150.00: David Rivinius (2018 Ford Mustang)

3rd Place $100.00: Travis Elhard (1955 Chevy Nomad)

Whoop Ass Wednesday 2.2 Action

Click the PLAY button and GET READY TO WHOOP ASS!


Whoop Ass Wednesday 2.1 06/13/2018

Whoop Ass Wednesday 2.2 Final Results

Overall Winners

Kyle Schumacher, Maggie Sahr, Casey Elhard


1st Place $500.00: Kyle Schumacher


2nd Place $300.00: Maggie Sahr


3rd Place $200.00: Casey Elhard

Winners of the Rifle Raffle & Cash from the James Valley Street Machines are …
1st: Dottie Elhard –  Henry Golden Boy 22 with Special Limited Edition Stock
2nd: Billy Carow –  Marlin XT-22, .22 Magnum
3rd: Rob Marsh – Ruger 10/22 Soecuak Commemorative
4th: Sheldon Harr – Rossi S12 22 Magnum & 12 Gauge (2 Barrels)
5th: Russ Obenchain – Remmington Model 597HB
6th: $100.00 –  Mike Kessler
7th: $100.00 – Neal Walker
8th: $50.00 – April Huschka
9th: $50.00  Tyler Michel

Thank you to all that purchased a Raffle Ticket and making this Raffle a success to the James Valley Street Machines.

Whoop Ass Wednesday 2.1 Action



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