Skovy 10/20/2018: Collecting muscle cars is a passion of mine. I’ve been hoarding, selling, collecting muscle cars and muscle car parts since I can remember. When I see one of my friends on the street, they don’t say “Hey Skovy how you doing these days” they say “So Skovy, what have you got in your Toy Box now?” My cars are drivers. Every one gets out and about to car shows or just to cruise main street. My father Boyd just loved the sound of powerful engines and he instilled that into me. Through our time together with my father, he was always right there when we did something with our toys.

So, do you wonder what else is in my Toy Box? Hehe

10/23/2018: Brian Kamlitz’s 1968 GTX Clone

April 1968 my grandmother was looking for a new car Lloyd’s motor had this car on the lot Grandma drove it and liked it, 1969 my mother had a 1966 Plymouth fury, her fury was in the shop so on January 24th 1969 yours truly entered this wild world.
Jan. 27 I came home in this 1968 Sport Satellite in the back seat. So jumping ahead 21 years I acquired the car on May 1990 with around 65,000 miles on it, with 318 2 barrel 904 tranny 273 gears I drove it for several years until the cam went flat.
2005 I started to build my shop, my Plymouth was the first vehicle in there getting tore apart, fresh rebuilt 440 Tunnel ram 2-500 Holleys 727 torque flight, 3000 stall brand new inland truck parts drive shaft, 355 posi in the rear end.
So the car has a little rust not bad over the car is very solid and have been buying replacement body parts here and there so someday it will be painted.
So very proud to be a member of James Valley Street Machines.

Over the years, my wife Caryn and myself have owned many Mustangs, Torino’s, and other Fords including a few specialty Mustangs like a 1969 Mach-1 428 Cobra Jet, 1970 Boss 302, 2003 Cobra SVT with 390 horsepower, and a 2007 Shelby GT-500 with 500 horsepower.

When I heard that Ford was going to release a Shelby GT-350 with 535 horsepower, I thought I have to have one and the only way I would be able to buy it was to make it a birthday present for my wife. You can’t say no to a birthday present, can you? lol.

So, in 2016 I started searching for a 2017 Shelby GT-350. I located a dealer that was supposed to have one by March of 2017 in time for her birthday. Well it didn’t arrive until November but she loved it just the same. As for me I have a 2018 Mustang GT but it is special to me. This is the first car I have ever had the chance to order exactly the way I wanted it. We love them both.

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